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The forst seamed silent and lifeless, but don't be fooled. Look around carefully, do you see the glint of eyes among the trees? Can you feel the pack watching and waiting silently?
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 Fe's Art Emporium

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PostSubject: Fe's Art Emporium   Mon Jul 23, 2012 2:11 am

welcome to... FE'S ART EMPORIUM
we are OPEN

introduction :: Welcome! This is Fe's Art Emporium. I am the owner of this little shop, Feliks. Would you care for a little tour, Guest? Yes? Well then, come along now. I have much to show you!

rules :: These are the rules to my shop. Should you break a rule, you will be warned. Break the rules twice, you will not be placed upon the ban list. Please be considerate of our rules.
CREDIT : I request that you give me, Feliks, credit in your signature when using an avatar. If it is a manipulated avatar, then you must not say that it is completely mine. You must say that it's edited by me. If using any of my drawings or manipulations in a biography or anything such as that, give credit next to or under the image the same way you would if it were an avatar.
EDITING : Do not edit the drawings or manips. If there's something wrong with it, tell me what's wrong and I will edit it for you. If you want to add text, then you can. Just ask.
REQUEST LIMIT : There is no limit, as long as you don't do the exact same character for everything. Then I get bored.
CONTENT : I will draw anything you want, as long as it's not pornographic. And no, I DON'T CARE IF THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN. I'll draw gore, partial nudity (not if female or if it's full frontal nudity, though), cursing, and anything else. Just no nudity unless it's a shirtless male.

slots :: These are the openings I have for requests. When all five slots are filled, I will close the shop until they are done. When all requests are completed, I will post them.
STATUS : is incomplete/not started. ✔️ is completed.
- open
- open
- open
- open
- open

examples and completed requests:: Examples of my work and finished requests will go here so you can get an idea of what you're requesting.
AVATAR : Pictures that you wear on a forum, they are drawn and manipulated.
manipulated -
drawn -
IMAGE : Other pictures, used in bios and such.
manipulated -
drawn - NOTE THAT I HAVE DIFFERENT STYLES. And my tablet is broken right now, so these aren't the best I could make them.
no outlines style - self-explanatory -
fake screencap style - looks like it was a screenshot from an anime, lines blurred and range in thickness. Looks like usual style, but blurred a bit to look like a screencap - <- this was a practice, any requests for this would help me improve!
other style - my usual style of art -

forms :: You fill these out to get a request, duh.

AVATAR : (as this is a wolf forum, gender doesn't matter Very Happy because fem wolves don't look different from man wolves)
Character Name:
Name colour/font:
Name on/off:
Manip or Drawing:

Base colour:
Eye colour:
Physical build:
Fur density:


PICTURE : Self-explanatory.

Character Name:
Name on/off:
Name colour/font:
Manip or Drawing:

Base fur colour:
Eye colour:
Physical build:
Fur density:

Background (if drawing):
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PostSubject: Re: Fe's Art Emporium   Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:24 pm

I'm thinking off getting an avatar from you... But I am not good at deciding things... I'll sleep on whether to get an avvie from your shop or not.
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Fe's Art Emporium
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