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The Forest Shadow Pack where you can do more than role-play a wolf. Join us and expect lots of fun!

Loose yourselves in a whole new world where you can forget about your everyday life for a moment!

The forst seamed silent and lifeless, but don't be fooled. Look around carefully, do you see the glint of eyes among the trees? Can you feel the pack watching and waiting silently?
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Wolf Gender :
Wolf Age : 2 years
Crush On : Perhaps Fang
Mate : No one
The Council
Health :
200 / 100200 / 100

Experience :
200 / 200200 / 200

Strength :
180 / 200180 / 200

Speed :
180 / 200180 / 200

Agility :
180 / 200180 / 200

Wisdom :
180 / 200180 / 200

Dominant's Trust :
200 / 200200 / 200

Reputation : 7

PostSubject: Relationships   Sat Apr 21, 2012 3:54 pm

A Crush

This status can be filled in by all members including apprentices. It is not required to be filled in. If you do decide to put a member's name in this area, it simply shows that your wolf is interested in the other wolf. Unlike in mating, you can change this section as many times as you wish.

You must tell the dominant if you wish to gain the following relationships:


This can happen when you have earned the status of a full member, meaning any rank that is above Apprentice. A mating ceremony will be preformed with one of the dominants or both present and both parties must agree to become a mate. Remember if you and another wolf is mated, you would have to inform the dominant if you wish to be unmated. We encourage you to think clearly before becoming mates so you won't make the wrong decision. Finally, if you are mated and wish to separated, you must be in the relationship for at least a month before making the request to be unmated.

Adopting a sister/brother

If you wish to do this, you and the other member must agree as with before and all sisters and brothers adopted must be played by a real person. This is not to say you can't have other siblings in your family tree. This simply applies if you want a member to be linked to you.

Having or adopting pups

All members with the rank higher than Apprentice can adopt a pup by posting a request. As with mating, while adopting a pup, both the user playing the pup and you must agree to do this. All lost pups are open to be adopted by full members provided they have consent. As for having pups between you and your mate, this option would only be open to Dominants, Deputies, provided they are mated or if you have earned more than 30 stars. Most importantly, the maximum number of blood born pups should be no more than 5 as we are a realistic pack and all surviving pups must be played by a real person.

Use these forms to request a relationship with any member in the pack. Remember if you want to request more than one for example requesting a mate and a sister/brother, then you will have to post both the forms in your topic.

Requesting a Mate

Your wolf name:
Wolf age:
Your rank:
Name of your future mate:
Your future mate's rank:
Your future mate's rank:
Do both party agree on this action?:

To unmate (you can do this, but is not recommended)

Your wolf name:
Your current mate's name:
How long have you been mates?:
Reason for this action:

Adopting a sister/brother

Name of your wolf:
Name of member you wish to adopt:
As sister or brother?:
Do both you and the other member agree to this?:

Adopting a lost pup(s)

Your wolf name:
Current rank:
Name of pup(s) you want to adopt:
Do both members agree to this adoption:
If you are not of rank yet, number of stars currently:

Having your own pup(s)

Your wolf name:
Current rank:
Name of pup(s):
Do both members agree to this action?:
If you are not of rank yet, number of stars currently:

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